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Jay Pharoah learns how to perform a military choke hold from actor and former Army soldier, Zulay Henao. Watch the video. Title: Hank's Back Story 06 May Hank must wear a prosthesis when he is diagnosed with Diminished Gluteal Syndrome. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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King of the Hill - Rate This. Season 5 Episode Thinking there is a real propane emergency, Hank brings in his toolbox and says to not light any matches only to be told that they're "back here" as in another room. He goes in the room to be greeted by Dave Ulster and three other guys. Hank says that Peggy said there was a propane emergency, and when he goes outside to talk to Peggy, she drives away and out of the parking lot. He then realized he was taken and referred to a support group.

Dave then says it's not a support group and that they are hobbyists who share a common interest that meet twice a month to talk about it. Dave told Hank that Peggy shared with him the "awful incident" with his orthotic reference to when Dale threw it onto a power line and that he shared it with the group. Hank said he doesn't know what they're talking about and that he's not confirming that he has a wife.

Wayne, a part of the support group, said it's one thing when they call us names, but to play hot potato with Hank's unit, and then says it's a medical device.

May 06,   Hank's Back Story is the one hundred-third episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on May 6, The episode was written by Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland, and directed by Cyndi Tang-Loveland. Hank, Bill and Boomhauer are drinking Directed by: Cyndi Tang-Loveland. That is a weird tan line for hank to have. He is the last person I would expect to wear that style of swim wear. I wonder if he originally had underpants on but they edited it out last minute because they felt it was funnier or just to see if they could get it on the air? A medical syndrome in which one has an unusualy small buttox. This condition is named after Hank Hill from the popular animated sitcom "King of the Hill." It seems to be most prevalent in white, middle aged suburban dwelling males, but thats not to say it doesn't span all .

Hank says that's what he kept saying. Another group member told Hank none of what's said leaves the group. The group then talked about little league baseball. That evening, Hank got a fishing rod and successfully retrieved his orthotic prosthetic posterior.

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The next morning, Hank gets coffee, and tells Peggy he has something to show her. He then sits down on a chair, and has no pain from it. He told her he owes it all to that hobbyist group Dave Ulster. He told her he was kidding around and told her that he got his sense of humor back. Hank then told Peggy not to report a false propane emergency again. She considered it, and said she wasn't gonna rest until he was back in the mower race.

Hank's Back Story

Hank said he was done with that and that he would be wearing the orthotic at home and at his desk at work but he won't give his so-called friends and family an opportunity to ridicule him in public. That evening, Bobby is watching a program telling him to squeeze his butt and release his butt several times, and Hank catches him doing that, says it's a ladies tape and turns it off. Bobby says he's firming his buttocks in 30 days so he won't end up like Hank and he knows how much he likes to sit.

Hank told Bobby not to worry and that he probably won't get DGS and that even if he does he can wear a gluteal orthotic so he can sit anywhere he wants.

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Bobby said sooner or later someone would find out, and they'd laugh and he wants people laughing at him cause he's shoving broccoli up his nose and not because there's something wrong with him. Bobby later turns the program back on. Back at the hobbyist group, they notice Hank sitting. Hank says that he is and that he'd like to stand up for he'd like to say.

He thanks the group for giving him the courage to wear his orthotic with pride.

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He says he's not just doing it for himself and that he's doing it for Bobby, because chances are he may have passed the condition onto him through his genetics. Hank later said one thing to help Bobby lead a happy, shameless life is to win the Durndle County Lawnmower Race.

King of the Hill Season show reviews & Metacritic score: While preparing for the big lawn mower races in Durndle, Hank experiences back trouble. When he goes to . May 06,   Trivia Hank's 'Diminished Gluteal Syndrome' is a fictional disease. However, the symptoms Hank describes belong to a read of diseases including Deep Gluteal Syndrom, Piriforis Syndrome (the likely candidate based on the the extreme 8/ Mar 21,   Hank Hill will not be kicking anyone's ass today. Follow Us Twitter If you've ever had any musical aspirations - or even if your talent extends no further than turning on the radio - you.

The rest of the group cheers him on. Hank invites the hobbyist group to be his pit crew, and names the team the "Diminished Glutes" and that they'll wear it on their hats, and on their hats, and that he'd paint it on his mower right on top of the factory code.

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One of the members said that if he did that he'd throw a brick through his window. Hank, astonished by the group's reaction, said that he thought the group was an unbeatable team.

Another group member told him that they're a secret society and not a group of look-at-me stanleys. Hank then decides to do it on his own. Hank says he suffers from a genetic condition called DGS. Peggy then says she doesn't know what it's like, cause she's got it going on "back there". Hank says that in 20 years if Bobby gets it he doesn't want him to feel like a freak, and that he's fighting now so he doesn't have to. Bobby says "race for the cure". At the Durndle County Speedway, a person is talking on the loudspeaker, welcoming people while they are entering the speedway.

Then, two mowers are next to each other in a drag race, and it starts and it happens that parachutes come out of the rear of both mowers. Meanwhile Bobby is cleaning Hank's mower, and looking at Dale looking all smug on his mower.

Episode Details & Credits

Hank tells Dale that Dale will eat Hank's exhaust fumes. Dale tells Hank to keep talking, and then calls him "bubble butt", while Bill is cleaning his mower.

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Bill, overhearing the conversation, says he wasn't saying anything, and Dale tells him he was talking to Hank. Dale then says he's gonna mow laps around both Hank and Bill. As the race begins, the person on the loudspeaker announces the race will begin in one minute.

Dale tells Octavio to hook up nitrous oxide to his mower now that his inspection was complete. Octavio asks if it's illegal.

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Dale says yes, but it'll give a boost of speed. All the racers then start their engines, and the person on the loudspeaker indicates the race is about to begin, and a girl holding a green flag comes out and waves the flag. As the racers accelerate, Bill's mower flips over, and he said he did better than he thought he would. Creator: Greg Daniels and Mike Judge.

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