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Table of Contents. Penis Size Comments to I have slept with a few black women who have told me it is a myth that all black men are well hung yes the average is 7inch 1inch bigger than the average white man,is 1inch that big a deal evan 2inch realy. I have never thought of myself as big until my wife got a 8inch dildo i thought good thats big so i mesured it and myself and i was. The first gril i ever loved told me i was to big i realy thought she was making an excuse she was 19years old then.

Any information that I can gain to enhance our sex life is greatly appreciated! I don't necessarily agree with all of your points and views on this site, Mister Webmaster, but it was certainly very informative. I am an average guy of average penis size. I don't feel the need to disclose my exact size like some of the other posters who need to boast. I am secure and content with who I am, and so is my beautiful wife she tells me I'm big, so what else matters!

To all of you guys who read this website and comments, please keep everything in perspective. Penis size does matter, but who you are as a husband and father matters further. Hope you are as fortunate as I am to find a loving and faithful lady. But, was very disappointed with the size of his penis. I want to comment on marie's comment Every size varies Women do prefer big dicks. It is silly to think otherwise.

I know very few women, though, who would make a life altering decision based on it: "I can't date him any more; his dick is too small. I have known women who have told me stories about men who had small dicks and how they could not even feel it inside them but they admittidely stayed with the guy because they liked him.

So, it is so important when asking the question: "Does size matter? Matter for sexual pleasure? Matter when looking for a guy? And also, How much does it matter? Click here to spill your guts!

Comment from ED: July 5, tony: Sir As i have said i am quite happy with my size x but only 3inch soft.I have slept with a few black women who have told me it is a myth that all black men are well hung yes the average is 7inch 1inch bigger than the average white man,is 1inch that big a deal evan 2inch realy.I have never thought of myself as big until my wife got a . Watch Harry Reems Penis Size Videos on dnjspecialties.com, the biggest free porn tube. Choose dnjspecialties.com for Harry Reems naked in an incredible selection of hardcore FREE Porn videos. The hottest pornstars doing their best work can always be found here at dnjspecialties.com so it's no surprise that only the steamiest Harry Reems sex videos await you on this porn tube and will keep you coming back.

Have you ever actually met a real live girl because if you have it is obvious you have never spoken to one because you have no idea what is going on in our minds, your off base on nearly all your views and you seem to have a rather poor idea about the values of most women.

We also think this little site of yours is just a strange way of your over compensating and by the way waht is your dirty little obession with penis pigs. Your a strange and twisted man and you not only need help but to stay far far away from all women that is if you ever finally meet one. Let's get the lowdown on penis size once and for all, plain and simple. The soft-hard gallery shows a very poor correlation between flaccid and erect.

From personal experience, my penis is 8" when erect but the flaccid size is very variable and I guess though Ive never measured it under such conditions it has been as small as 2".

I suppose I am really arguing for a lack of correlation, in which case "equalizer" is a bit of a misnomer. Are you disapointed when you see a 6 inch 5 inch around penis? Is that big enough to do the job? Is an 8 incher 6 inches around more exciting? Does a bigger one really feel that much better? In what way does does a thick penis feel better?

When your with an average guy does the thought of "I wish he was bigger" really enter your mind? Does the feeling of having to work in a big one feel better than just sliping in the smaller penis? Can the smaller ones deliver orgasms in the same way a bigger one does? Or is it with clitoral stimulation with both? Does a big dildo feel better than a real average penis?

New film explores 'Deep Throat' star

Do you feel bad for a guy with a small one? These are questions I think us guys have. Your honest answers should satisfy most of us. Men go out of there way to find woman with traits they find the most atractive.

Weather it but tits, ass, lips, looks, personality you name it.

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It is a selective process. I guess the point being it's not too far fetched that woman have these to. Face it size does matter, the real issue with the woman though is how much. If the woman is interested in other things about a man more then his cock size then so be it.

We all have our preffrences and we all have an order at which we view them. I do agree with John on the issue of lasting power though. That is much more important then the actual size for most women. I have had long sex and short but the longer ones are always the ones that make my partner the happiest.

For the other women go for whatever makes you happy. After all its what we all live for. Before I post this though I would like to give an example to two diffrent woman and two diffrent men. Leiya likes men, cock size, stamina, forplay, attention, affection, and romance.

Notice that these are two very diffrent people and I know that some of you will eather be or know someone allong these lines. If they both find someone that fits of the first atributes are both women happy? Most likely yes. Now for the men: Derick likes women, big breasts, tight pussy, big ass, forplay, stanima, affection, romance Steven likes women, affection, romance, forplay, stanima, tight pussy, big breasts, big ass Again if these men found woman that fit the first or the attributes they would probly be happy.

As I said before people put diffrent values on diffrent things. Everyone has them whats yours? I used generic common attributes for the example feel free to add your own :P I personally believe size matters, I also believe its how you use it. I've been with many women some loved it some hatted it. Try getting to know your partner yeah that means you men before you get upset. Knowing what your partner likes and dislikes can infact make any sexual interaction successful dispite what size your tool is.

As for you women if you fixiate on large tools too much it can in fact hurt you mental bias towards smaller penises therefor making your sexual pleasure with the smaller ones even less pleasureable. All I can say is keep an open mind.

Lets look at some female anatamy facts. That resses also has a high concentration of nerve endings. Others though have no pain. Women if your man doesn't do it for you try educating them.

Men if you dont know how to hit those spots learn. Oh large males may have a slight advantage but if they cant get their penis all the way in for a clitteral stimulation then they aren't much better off then men that cant hit the recess above the cervix. If you can hit all the four spots then you are just right for your mate.

reply, attribute ingenuity

As for male anatomy. The shock from your pelvis comming to a complete stop aids in better sexual orgasms The only good thing and it must be becuse of my size is that when i have sex and the women is on there knees they tell me they can feel me sweeling up inside them just before i cum and they love thatThey say they have never felt that before. Plus i thing i have less feeling so i can sometimes go on for 2hrs.

My wife says she loves feeling me sweeling up inside of her,but do she likes oral sex her jaws do get sore,when she is giving me oral sex. Has any other person had this happen to them. But like i said i am only 3inch when not hard,so please do not make fun out of any man who has a smaller no erect dick,as they might be like me,and you would look very silly when like me they turned out to be 8. Other wise you are what you are i thing if a women loves you size will not matter in the end July 13, Taiwanese killa: I am asian and I'm almost 7 inches.

I've dated 2 white girls, and they both said I was bigger than most of the white men they've dated, so I don't know why people say that asian men have small dicks. I think the average asian size is about the same as the average white size, more or less.

You can not even begin to understand the pain this issue causes your boyfriend. Maybe I can help a bit. When you spoke of your old boyfriend having a bigger weiner than he, you might as well put a sword through his heart. He is not able to see past his immediate pain. All he can thin of is how Mr big stretched you out and made you feel a way he can never do.

He can't fathom the thought that you might actually prefer him. It's like all he ever dated was supermodels, and you are ugly. How do you deal with that? Men can't put this issue in perspective like women can. Men see sex as a scale. How big? How many orgasms? Was I the best, and he wants to rock your world and feels that it is no longer possible. He won't believe it could be better for him to be less endowed.

Women see sex as a total experience and are much more level headed about it. Plus us men have no idea how that contraption called a vagina works or feels. Here's a tip though.

You have to eliminate the insecurity of the moment. Try this Tell him you care about him, and no matter what you believe that you and he should be together. Then when the size issue comes up, you must act as if that is not an issue. You need to convince him that See deep inside he thinks you will eventually miss the big dick and crave it. He can't see it's him you want. Take the penis out of the issue and he can't argue too much about it. Be prepared to deal with this for a long time Always re-assuring him.

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Remember, it is easier to run than deal with this issue for most men. This of course all hinges on the idea that he is interested in you. I hope this helps a little and just be prepared for a battle.

You are going to actually have to rebuild his ego and trust in you All enlargment techniques don't work except surgery, but that's way to risky and expensive Don't believe those dumbasses that say they do. Just work with what you got. If you're really that small When I leave them they cry something awful First off, don't assume anything about me.

You sound like an penial enlargement salesman or a porn star. You sound like someone who's slept with a lot of women, if so, hope you're okay if you know what I mean. I saved every page in your book for education as far as that goes, and you might of been honest in a lot of what was typed, but you're a scumbag, and this sight is just plain nasty, like a 70s porn movie, you're probably a white pron star, you nasty thing.

I hope you've got some other interests, it be on computers or elsewhere out there in the world. You, or someone, put a lot of time into the site, and it's put together well, like I said, I plan on using it for education, for young males, and what they can expect from the world and assholes like yourself. You oughta use your talents of websites on something else.

Hubba, Hubba. If not, go fuck your brains out wherever, with whatever and whoever. If you are a married woman or manconsider this All men have a unique collection of qualities and flaws If you are perfect yourself, then go grab yourself a perfect guy.

You are with the man you chose, so find a way to communicate and be honest with him. When you are in a long term commitment, you can tire of your mates flaws, deficits, shortcomings etc.

You have to work with what you've got, and what your mates got. Thats the commitment you've made assuming married, if not, who gives a rats ass. The bottom line is everybody is configured differently, and when there is a "quality" that you need, require, crave etc.

It can be very attractive and alluring, but the tendency is to fixate on that quality while overlooking the guy's accompanying set of flaws.

Just remember "the grass is always greener" concept and if you decide to indulge yourself, you may gain something, but you will most certainly lose something too possibly more than you imagined. This debate is a silly waste of time because gratifying sex is the responsibility of both male and female, not solely the male and his penis dimensions. Mature grownups realize what they need, and what they have to offer, and that a person is more than a set of physical attributes.

Qualities have a way of balancing out with flaws, so unless you are above average, don't expect it. In my opinion, most women would forfeit penis size accept below average for more critical criterion. I guess by aging from looking at this site all the damn time.

There are plenty of black women who have slept with both whites and blacks in Africa who attest to the fact that white and black penises are about the same size. With Asian guys however, it is different. Just watch any porno movie made in Japan, and you will find yourself easily measuring up to their "studs. I'm serious. The Jews seem to have a disproportionate number of their men in the porno industry.

Ron Jeremy is a good example. So is "Harry Reems" of "Deep Throat" fame. In fact, the "Jewish stud" is one of God's little jokes. Indeed, in Europe, whenever a Jewish young man was caught with a blonde girl the first they would do is castrate him.

Also, in Ethipia, none of the black women ever complained about Jewish smallness. Don't beleive me? Any homosexuals and girls out there, try out a Jewish guy for a night and you'll see what I'm talking about. But personally anything longer then 7 inches truelly doesnt float My boat.

Therefore, average sits just fine with Me. The real problem is women have loose vaginas. I could have a huge dick and still not be satisfied with the tightness of any womens vagina. If I wanted to be satisfied with a womens vagina, I would need a dick at least the circumfrence of a 24 ounce can of beer.

And at least 13" long. And women think men have the deficiency problem. It's women with there gaping holes who cause men to be unsatisfied. Even large penises slip in and out of a womens vagina like there is no tightness. How satisfied do you think these penises really are? The answer is not very satisfied. Men have sex with women and there loose vaginas out of the need for love, affection, and closeness.

Not for satisfaction. I can orgasm just as hard rubbing my penis under a sheet as I can slipping within vagina walls, with it's loose grasp. There should be a surgery to increase the tightness of vaginas, since that is the whole problem. Think about it women, your vagina is so loose.

Stick three fingers in there now. You know you can easily. If a baby can slide out of there, what makes you think a penis is going to be satisfied with that loose of an opening.

And women are the ones complaining about the size of penises. C'mon on. Face the facts. If I wanted to be satisfied by your vagina, I would need a penis the size of the big end of a bat, and about 13" long.

I don't think that I am huge. I am only 8. I don't even compare to pornstars. I would say that something over 9in is huge. I think that you should change your scale. It is too damaging. Apparently what matters to girls in a situation where their partner is below average is foreplay and tenderness and all those kind of things. Many times, a girl like this has a secret history, she has fantasies about dicks, and buff guys, but she loves her partner and he should never know.

The good news is, many girls will sacrifice a good cock for love. She may even sacrifice orgasms, if the below average guy is who she wants to be with.

Harry Reems

The bad news is - the same girl could fall in love with another guy with a good cock and give her amazing orgasms in bed. I don't believe in "soul mates. For your wife or girlfriend, that could be a well dicked fellow who can provide her with great sexual pleasure, the kind that you are not equipped to provide I'm talking all things equal, of course.

However, the fact that a girl loves him is no consolation for a man who knows that guys with bigger penises are far more likely to give her mind blowing orgasms. This man cannot do that, and is emasculated by it. Confident and successful men are less likely to take it badly, but even these people have pain.

The fact that Brad Pitt would mention that he is "hung like a hamster" is a case in point. He is projecting his pain by making that statement for the public. I have a fairly long penis 7. However, I do have only 4.

the true information

This is barely enough to give a woman the proper massaging of her insides. Inafter an 8-year hiatus from porn, Reems returned in the porn film Society Affairsand reportedly received a six-figure salary for doing the film.

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After years of drug abuse, Reems began his recovery in He married and converted from Judaism to Christianity. Heiss was abruptly replaced at the church by someone else, for reasons Reems says were never explained; Reems left the congregation because he believed church attendance was "about putting money in the coffers". Outside organized religion, he continued to meditate, pray, and offer gratitude to God. He later was a trustee at a local United Methodist church. He was interviewed in the documentary Inside Deep Throat.

Reems' entrance into the adult entertainment industry, his experience filming Deep Throat and its subsequent infamy and obscenity trials, are the subject of the play The Deep Throat Sex Scandal. During the Los Angeles run of the play, Reems died in Utah; his death was noted by the production.

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He had no children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harry Reems. The Bronx, New YorkU. Salt Lake City, UtahU. Biography portal. Retrieved March 20, Retrieved March 21, New York Magazine.

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Retrieved March 31, The Best Defense. Sex with Tom Byron is very cute. The film pays homage to both Damiano's previous skin flick.

Harry reems dick

One of the hottest videos ever made. Anthony Spinelli masterpieces the hottest scenes from various movies featuring the girl next door Ginger Lynn and the alluring Amber Lynn - the screen's most explosive blondes! Here is the rousingly riotous sequel to one of the most famous X-rated hits of all time. Sexy sensation Krista Lane explodes onto the screen as the wife of a headline seeking Senator who vows an all out war on pornography.

Krista is suddenly possessed by the spirit of her long lost libertine mom, the orgasmic oralist Linda Lovelace! The elderly Miss Aggie inhabits an isolated farmhouse with Richard, a man of few words. While making him a cup of tea one day, she remembers or fantasizes sexual episodes from her youth.

Poor Tom Byron. His co-workers think he's a nerd and only invited him along on their country weekend because they'd heard his girlfriend was one dynamite babe. And they are right! Trinity Barnes would stand out in any crowd.

Unfortunately, we don't see enough of her. She has one scene with two other girls near the beginning and a reasonably hot tangle with Harry Reems later, but I want more. All the while she's back in the city getting herself off while Byron, ashamed to show up without his girl, freezes his ass off all night at the railroad station while the rest of the cast enjoy themselves at the lodge.

The rest of the cast makes up for their absence. Some of the sex is dull, but Candie Evans and Susie Spain shine in their bedroom scene with Byron after he's seen lurking around the lodge. A little humor is provided by George Toro, who bears more than a passing resemblence to Cheech Marin.

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It would be interesting to see him handle more material, both in dialogue and sex. Although Having It All is set in what appears to be the wilds of Colorado, don't expect to see much of the outdoors. But then, you knew you weren't buying or renting a travelogue, didn't you?

This one is above average and worth a look!

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Here in this one-hour video classic. Showgirl proudly presents the most beautiful star of adult erotica.

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Tina Russell, truly one of the sexiest and hottest stars. Tina gives you her all in a combined performance of hot, pulsating action.

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Porsche Lynn has a way about her that would make a church bingo session look like body rub night at Boys' Town. Lynn's come one, come all with beboppers Randy West, Randy Paul and Buck Adams collectively on a hopper is downright sleazoid, but certainly the Dunn and Bradstreet of raunch.

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From then on, it's Ginger bar the door. She is off in a business that can turn mere mortals into stars, in Ginger's case, she has a gift that puts her above the rest - she is the Best! You'll see every opening she has to offer filled to her satisfaction!

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