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Hot Babe Swathi Naidu Stories : An Under Wear Story

You might want to open this in an incognito tab. The city was empty, as was the store. Side note: I don't wear underwear to sleep, so my bulge was very visible through my pajamas. As soon as I entered the store, I noticed the cashier staring at me, so I started to get a boner. When I went to the pay for all of my stuff, I made sure my dick was in sight. The cashier said, 'Wow, you have a big one. He locked the store's doors, grabbed a pack of condoms, and guided me to the storage room.

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It was thrilling. The guy I was sleeping with had to hold his hand over my mouth to prevent me from making any sounds and waking the whole apartment.

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Our conversation was casual at first, but out of nowhere he started telling me all the sexual things he wanted to do to me. This was literally my fourth time having sex, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

He came over, and I offered him something to drink. He declined and then got behind me and whispered, 'the only thing I want is to eat that ass. I rode his face for a long time. We then went to the bathroom and fucked on the counter, finishing off in the shower.

We hooked up for three hours and would have lasted longer, but he had to leave for work. It was easily the best sex I've ever had. The next day I put on a skirt with lace underwear because I wanted to get back at him for making me stay late by riding his dick so hard. When everyone was gone, I got on my knees and sucked him until he wanted to fuck me. We fucked on the conference table.

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It was angry sex but it was so sensual at the same time. I even left a bite mark in his neck. We did everything: ing, anal, reverse-cowgirl. It was like a porno. I was the only girl at the club who didn't work there, and I wanted a lap dance from one of the girls. One blonde agreed, and she gave me a private show while my friend watched. It was my first time with a woman, and she had the softest body. She took my clothes off and we ended up taking turns on the chair, licking each other.

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It was amazing because we both have big breasts and soft skin. I wanted my friend to join us, but I was having too much fun with the stripper. Jump ahead a couple months to when my boyfriend was out of town, and we were both horny as fuck. So we decided that I should go to the bathhouse alone and have another patron use my phone to FaceTime my boyfriend while the guy went to Pound Town on my butt with a big dildo. Then I got into a sling while several men took turns fucking me and others sucked and jerked me off, all while my boyfriend watched.

It was very fun and I definitely learned a little about myself. When we got into our Uber to leave, she discreetly pulled her panties off and put them in my pocket. I fingered her all the way back to my placewhile trying to not alert our Uber driver what was really going on.

There was a massive wet spot on the seat from her when we left. We probably had the best sex of our relationship that night. We stayed out all night until the restaurants closed. Then we bought some beers and walked around the Colosseum.

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Being the drunk, silly lesbians we were, we ended up jumping the ropes and entered the first floor of it. We then started making out against the 2,year-old monument. Our clothes quickly came off. As I bent over a metal fence, I noticed a guard was watching us from afar. JUST watching. She started fingering me. That lasted for about 20 minutes, with a lot of twists and turns and licks.

I never saw or spoke to her again. I tried to have a couple of men fist me, but their hands were just too big.

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I craved the feeling of a full hand filling me up, so I posted a Craigslist ad for a female to fist me. We didn't exchange names or photos - just met at a local park and I hopped in her backseat. Once I started to get wet, she inserted her fingers one by one. Then she started to work her palm in.

The pressure was out of this world and I almost came instantly. With the help of lots of lube and patience, she was finally able to start pumping it in and out of me quickly. I came twice, got out of her car, and we parted ways.

Hot babe stories

In the middle of the night, everyone thought it'd be fun to go for a swim. They didn't have a pool, so we walked across the complex to another person's pool and hot tub.

As the night went on and people started to leave, things got hot between my boyfriend and me. One thing led to another, and we had the best sex EVER in the hot tub. I had never felt so excited, alive, or turned on. I've have always craved another experience like that. Then we went into a little room that had hanging beads instead of a proper door.

The guy I was with started going down on me. The he flipped me over and we started having incredible sex. That's when I looked over and saw three or four heads peaking through the beads where the door should have been. It was such an interesting turn-on to have people watch me while having sex.

My girlfriend was only wearing an apron while I fucked her from behind, over the oven. We got our mixed bodily fluids on the food when I pulled out, but we decided to eat it all anyway I mean, why waste good food? I set the alarm on my watch for the next morning because I wanted to be up before her to see what she'd do. I got no sleep that night and I was up waiting for her to use the bathroom. Sure enough she finished up in the bathroom and did the very same thing she did the day before.

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I ruined countless tube socks masturbating every morning watching Jackie get dressed. About two months after this started I was home from work sick as a dog. Jill came into the room and kissed me goodbye as she left for work.

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I slept soundly for several hours until I heard what I thought was crying. It was coming from Jackie's room and I decided to see if she was okay.

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I looked into her bedroom and she was naked on her bed using a dildo in her wet snatch. I was in shock watching her when she looked at me and smiled. I could use the real thing rather than a rubber dildo," she asked. I jumped into bed and my hands were all over her tits and pussy as we kissed.


I was rubbing her tits with my right hand while my left hand was stroking her swollen clit. I pinched her clit between my fingers and her tongue nearly choked me. That's the spot!

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I'm gonna cum! Her musky juices squirted all over my hand and I licked them clean as she pulled my shorts off.

Nov 19,   17 Sex Stories That Are So Hot, You'll Probably Masturbate To Them. so we walked across the complex to another person's pool and hot tub. Feb 23,   Last week, we asked girls to tell us their very first hoe stories and the shit they told us was wild. So I guess we should've known when we decided to ask for kinkiest sex stories, the bar would be even we weren't ready for what they had to say. No shaming here, just good, old-fashioned fun. Give 'em a read: Kayla. I had a threesome with an ex and his dad. My wife Jill and I were married at a young age. I was 21 whenever we got married and Jill was only Her mother Jackie got pregnant when she was in high school so .

She grabbed my ass and pulled me tighter as I started thrusting away. She then inserted a finger in my ass and that caused me to explode in her mouth. I shot several huge jets of warm cum in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

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I spread her legs apart and the wonderful musky smell of pussy met me as I kissed my way up her inner thighs. I teased her clit with my tongue and she was arching her back to try to force her cunt into my face. I pulled on her nipples as I ate her snatch and my cock was ready for more so I stopped and guided my love rocket into her wet waiting cunt.

Fuck me. I've been waiting for this forever! We fucked in the missionary position for a couple of minute when I pulled out. We started fucking doggy style and my hands were hanging onto her swaying tits as we made love on her bed. She reached down and rubbed her clit as I fucked her and I felt her reaching an orgasm. Her vaginal muscles tightened their grip on my cock and I couldn't hold it any longer.

I'm cumming! We collapsed on the bed and as we rested she admitted that she knew I was watching her get dressed in the morning. We stayed lovers for another six years until she found a guy closer to her age and got married. It was a wonderful time Report Story.

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Nov 14,   Chloe Grace Moretz gets disgustingly muddy! A sexy morning for two lovers. Crystal survives danger and Ravenshadow leaves for war. A guy runs out of cigarettes and meets a hottie. Crystal has fun, but is war with the great Houses coming? and other exciting erotic at! 3 Real Sex Stories To Get Off To In Bed Tonight. By Jillian Paulson, October 27th Comment; Flag Flagged; babe." #2: Halloween. I was dressed as Madonna that Halloween. a cut-up, over-the-top '80s wedding dress, fishnets, jelly bracelets, veil. It's easy, trashy and sexy without getting too naked. For some reason, the dude I. Nov 01,   The CFG Blog: Sexy Insight from a Sexy Cosmo Editor We asked a bunch of babes to describe the most thrilling, spine-tingling session of their lives (so far). Feast your eyes on each juicy story.

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