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This happened 5 years ago. I was at home for a fortnight having a break, I had a driver working my truck and he was competent enough to be left alone and do his own thing, so I had plenty of time just to relax and enjoy myself going fishing and visiting friends etc.

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I would call over and have coffees with a couple I had known for a long time in fact the husband was a friend of mine from a long way back, he had on occasion had sex with me when he had been drunk a few times and had stayed at my house and as it was just sex we kept it between ourselves. Bryce came quickly towards me, holding his cell phone. That was all the contact we were to have. The text was asking both me and my husband to be present, so Reef could talk to both of us together.

Friday night some of my office mates invited me to have a drink at a nearer bar after work.

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It had been a very long week, with too much stress; so I accepted. My husband was out of town; so, nobody at home was waiting for me that evening Once in the bar the conversation centered around work, gossip, promotions and even more gossip.

We danced amongst us with some light flirting until last call. I was seated at one end with Mitch and Pete around me. We were good friends and office mates; but I noticed both guys were paying a lot of attention to me and I loved it.

My sweet wife called me at the office, saying she had set up an appointment with a masseur who would come home late afternoon.

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I did not know Anita had a personal masseur; but she giggled on the phone, saying her girlfriend Helena had recommended him. Coming from Helena, I guessed the guy would be black, young, handsome and well hung for sure Anita laughed loud this time, saying I was truly right I closed my eyes, imagining my sensual babe being fucked wild by a black masseur This is based on what my friend Andy told me.

I wrote this very quickly so there are bound to be typos and there is for obvious reasons not too much concrete details. I have seen what it all lead to so I believe his story may have some truth in it. But I know only very specific details about Andys story so I have filled the blanks with my imagination.

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So this is a kind of "based on true story". Andy missed one day of work as he had vasectomy operation.

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It was his only contact with the world. And he was fed up. It has been six days since the lockdown.

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This means it has been six days since I slept with any of my lovers. I miss their penises and crave for them. I desperately want to touch them, taste them and want to feel them inside me.

I caught her eye across the room.

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Julie was in mid discussion with someone. Talking music and drums I imagine.

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I look at her, enjoying her figure, as she moves from foot to foot and participates in the discussion. Moving further around the room I place myself in her line of sight so that I catch her eye. Smiling I deliberately let my eyes rove over her body.

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She smiles and moves slightly so that I am more front on, still talking she turns slightly and shows me her silhouette. Lovely figure, nice breasts and butt. Very nice. She lives in Tampa.

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When I was dating my soon to be wife, Tessa came back to Cincinnati for a visit. When I met her for the first time my jaw hit the floor.

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She has big tits and a sexy smile. She is 7 years older than me. I was 33 at the time and she was I could tell she was very open, liberal and we instantly got along famously.

My grandmother Helen had just turned She lived alone in that old house and refused to move. Her husband had died many years ago. He use to keep the place up, so now it . Fond memories of grandma, from years before. Grandmother/Grandson marriage is now legal. Grandmother fights to legalize grandmother/grandson marriage. I committed the biggest taboo of them all, and I'm not sorry. and other exciting erotic at dnjspecialties.com! Oct 07,   This is an absolutely true story. It happened years ago when I was like thirty years old. I still think about it to this day and sometimes masturbate. I always had the fantasy of being with a much older lady. Well one day it came true! It all started when I found an ad in an adult magazine. A lady in her sixties was looking for NSA sex/5(47).

We had arrived in Amsterdam to attend my Aunt's wedding. She was going to marry a Dutch guy she met while working there.

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He owned a fancy spa in Vianen where the wedding would be held. My mother took time away from work and I skipped a week of classes from college. It was shaping up to be a nice little vacation.

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Mom and I spent a day in Amsterdam after arriving, just being tourists and exploring the city. The next day, Aunt Helen arrived from Vianen to pick us up. My mother gave her a big hug.

Granny sex story

It had been months since they had last seen each other and they were nearly in tears. This is a work of fiction meaning it only happened in my mind and I pass it on to you with the hope that you find some entertainment in reading it. You must have been only six or seven last time I saw you.

At least. I suppose it must be. How time flies. This is a true story but the names have been changed to protect the innocent, or the guilty or whatever applies!

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This happened several weeks ago. I was on my way home from work when I saw a car pulled over with a flat tire. There was an older lady standing next to the car. Search for:.

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