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Your lips are what make you who you are. You can't look at your body the way it is? Ur perfect jsut the way you are. Please don't try to talk down or reduce the value of smaller vagina lips just because yours are bigger and may or may not be as desirable to men. Thats not it. Some can't accept the way they are. Smaller lips are smaller lips who cares.

I'm 18 now and we have never spoken of it again. My brother however snoops my room and does something with my panties but that's all I know. I think at the age you didn't fully understand what was going on and it went on for so long because you didn't realize it was wrong.

I think now it's really coming up because you're noticing how wrong it was. It was terrible for him because he had a better idea of what was going on. Until he was 14, yeah that's not just innocent anymore. How did your parents raise you? Were you very sheltered? This sometimes happens when kids aren't exposed to much so they get curious.

I can't say it's happened to me, but it happened to my sister when she was really little and it did really damage her.

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I'd say it's best if you talked to someone about it. I think that could really help you other than bottling it up.

Those things happen and it could really affect a lot of things in your life. Can't deny that this is a bit unusual expecially with him being 9 when he started and continuing up through the time you would have began changing! I had boobies and was menstruating at If question asker was eleven when it ended, I would assert that at least one of the two knew what they were doing by that point.

apologise, but

I suspect that brother had a pretty good idea about things at nine. I knew a fair amount at nine and pretty much all there was to know, by the time I was thirteen.

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Intentionally or not, your brother contributed to your premature sexualization. That carries some potentially damaging psychological freight.

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Particularly for girls. I suggest you seek psychological counseling as early as you can find a way to access and afford it and stick with it for a while.

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Can you put your finger on the reason that you and your brother don't currently get along? Seriously, there's no pun intended. Also, what event occurred that caused the activity you described between the two of you to stop? Show All Show Less. Well you cannot change the past, but you can put it behind you.

When sex deviates from societal norms, it becomes taboo; what are the top five sex taboos? more When sex deviates from societal norms, it becomes taboo; what are the top five sex taboos? When sex deviates from societal norms, it becomes taboo; what are the top five sex taboos. Indeed, the stories and images in Orgasm are as intimate and honest as any coverage of female climax we've seen. Ahead are photographs of 16 of the women featured in the book. Many participated in Author: Hayley Macmillen. Tons of women on the internet right now are opening up about why they're putting down the razor or breaking up with their bikini waxer as they halt the ritual of removing their pubic hair. It's a.

I would say that most children have seen their siblings naked, brothers and sisters alike. It is common for a young kid to be curious about the opposite gender's private parts. And this curiosity sometimes leads to touching. I'll admit that my sister and I have touched before when we were very little, only because we were young and curious. We never talk about it ever either. But I do not think that this has anything to do with you and your brother not getting along with each other.

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My sister and I have gone through phases of hating and liking each other off and on throughout our lives. Now we are in our late 20s, we are close, and I feel I can trust her with nearly everything.

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Girls what does it feel like to be "creampied"? KafJ Xper 5. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. im really curious because when i get round to having sex with my be want to have him do it to me. ates: +1 y. no i dont mean getting a facial i mean having cum squirted in ur p***y +1 y.

Sort Girls First Guys First. Slimshady88 Xper 1. I think it depends on the youths involved. My dad remarried and my step sister was 8 and I was 11 at the time. Times were tough, only one room for both.

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Don't know why but I always liked sleeping naked. She would have terrible dreams often and sought safety sleeping in my bed. I never even thought about touching her. But early on she would caress me. It helped her fall asleep I think.

um I had a friend over my house and my brother bought us pizza, her sister was a lesbian and she said she was too (I was in middle school she was elementary I think I don't know but two years younger) we went into the bathroom and kissed, I got turned on and I ate her out. think my bro suspected something. lol. Has your mom ever seen your penis erect and what did she say? Anonymous. Follow. When I have a hard on my sister would help me masturbate and make me come and should suck it and taste all my juices at the same time I will be fingering her pussy and getting old so wet. Me and my sister slept together because we only had a two bed room house and from the age of 3 and 5 me being 5. we touched each other and slept naked and cuddling. she was p before my dad added on to the house and she got her own room. we gained a deep love of each other and to this day we are close as husband wife.

But then she after not long would graze my dick, just graze. But she quickly moved on to stroking it.

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Then one night she just went straight to sucking on my cock. I'll be honest and say I did enjoy it She said she really liked doing that and I didn't mind so much.

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This continued for almost 6 years. Then my father caught us one night.

Hairy sister sex

After that she would wake him and he would come lay with her when she had bad dreams. To this day I'm still a little upset or jealous I guess I should say. I enjoyed our time together at night. The worst part of it all was having to lay awake and hear knowing what they were doing. I don't know why she chose him over me. I suppose in his ways she maybe just felt safer on top of him? JazzLuvnAnt Xper 4. I think the sexual activity between you two is why you do not get along.

Perhaps you should both apologize to each other. I am not saying you did some horrible thing but clearly at least one of you feels that way. So, apologizing might help. Take care.

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I was about 10 and my neighbours used to come over and we would make a tent in the backyard. Tracy was the oldest, around 13 and I was 11 and Tracy's brother was 11 also. We used to get in the tent and jerk each other off almost every day. Tracy is the only one that would cum, but he used to suck us for the hell of it. I always felt that I had done something wrong for many years. Now, it's all gone away. I haven't had a gay experience since then. Just gotta live with what happened and go with it.

My sister who is about 2. I barely remember any details. I just know that we did it a few times. Never spoke about it after that.

Our friendship is great. In terms of being family members I mean. You should just put it behind you. Share Facebook. Girls what does it feel like to be "creampied"?

Add Opinion. My partner loves to be creampied and I have to say that its a huge turn on for me!

excellent question

Creampie to her is receiving MY seed in whatever way we decide at that time it most sexy, taboo or fun :. I have great control and some times when we have been teasing and making love for hours if I hold to wait for her to explode, I can't cum with her so she loves to take me between her breasts and masturbate me until I ejaculate a lll over her chest she loves it!

I don't know why be when I cum inside her its always so much more intense, I tend to have a full body orgasm, she knows just when to clench and milk me, she will say I need you to fill me up baby at which point I can immediately feel my cock engorge further, her legs wrap around me and as I thrust into herI feel her forcefully pulling me in deeper with her legs and it sends me into overdrive.

I then have to truly pound my cock into her and play with her clitoris, when I hear her moan and she her thrash and spasm its time to grab her hair firmly with one hand one of her nipples with the other an squeeze it firmly, kiss her deeply and pump all my seed inside her. She says its amazing to feel me shudder so intensely, it like all my muscles clench firmly and release over and over like they are cramping. She says she loves to feel full of my cum until its dripping from her but she prefers to keep it inside her as long as she can!

If I take her from behind she loves being creampied all over her ass and lower back!


I love it. I was desperate to know, after almost 7 years of having sex I still didn't know. And I went on birth control and my new boyfriend does it to me regularly. The moment just builds up and he pulls me to him and nestles his head down and whispers "oh god" and finishes. It's amazing, especially if it's the right angle and I can feel him pumping. The only thing is the aftermath. I like to go to the loo immediately after because if I don't it trickles out and down my leg and onto the bed.

I don't mind it trickling out, but I don't wanna sleep in it for a whole night! I totally agree, cleanup sucks. Unless you want to get pregnant, I suggest not having him cum inside of you. I love how he didn't have to stop to pull out, but to me it is nasty and it will be dripping out of you for a little while unless you shower. It's quite nice, especially if you can feel it spurt out into you. I love seeing it shoot very hot!

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I enjoy it Very much, its not the cum per she but the feeling of him getting harder, the pulsating of his dick, and the vocal and non vocal expressions. I think that's "eating the creampie". When he first did it, I felt it squirt. I don't feel it much now but he's had sex with me, came, kept his penis in and had sex not long after and came again.

It was really cool in a weird way.

i have really big lips of my vagina, I'm really insecure about it, like I don't like guys going down on me because of it. I didn't even realize them until I actually looked and it grossed me out. they are so big that they kinda wrinkle up and I'm on 18 do guys care about it. For these couples, getting married in the buff will make their wedding extra special. more For these couples, getting married in the buff will make their wedding extra special. For these couples, getting married in the buff will make their wedding extra special. The sex is so amazing and wild and neither of was want to stop. We also have amazing fore play and lots of oral sex and I get to finish in her mouth. she is the best and hottest I have ever been with. Do you think I should stop having sex with her considering she does not even like her husband and we both like each other a lot, or do you think.

It feels good, I had it on top of my p Its warm, but really messy. But I like it on top on my clit then anything. It feels amazing!!

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